Repeat: One Shirt, Three Ways

A basic t-shirt can be found in almost anyone’s wardrobe. But if you are searching for a not-so-basic, basic tee, then Wilfred’s Capucine t-shirt from Aritzia is the shirt for you.

Established in Canada, Aritzia is a chic, sophisticated, and modern boutique. The shop showcases about 14 different brands and has more than 60 stores in North America (but you can always check out their website here). The Wilfred brand is inspired by a blend of vintage luxury and effortless fashion, making this $50 Capucine tee a quintessential closet grabber.

Yes, it is $50 for a t-shirt, but it is the comfiest and most versatile tee in the whole entire fashion universe. If I could, and if my wallet allowed, I would buy this tee in every color available. Thankfully, my eldest sister let me borrow her Wilfred tee until I can eventually add one to my own wardrobe essentials. Unlike your basic top, the Capucine tee has a rounded hi-lo hem with two long slits on each side. The silhouette of the shirt drapes nicely on the body and shows just the right amount of skin. Made out of ultra luxe jersey fabric, it is outrageously soft and cozy.

Splurging on one item can be tough on your wallet. However, you will be able to wear this top multiple ways.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 3.03.29 AMPC: Michaela Tee – Edits: Jeline Abutin

Denim: I like to pair this tee with distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a minimalistic look. Since the outfit lacks color, I chose to incorporate my ombre pink Roshe Runs from Nordstrom. This outfit is all about comfort and highlighting the shape of the Capucine top.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.51.19 AMPC: Michaela Tee – Edits: Jeline Abutin

Dresses: This t-shirt can also be styled without slipping on a pair of jeans. Throw it over a dress and add your favorite backpack or even a cute Panama hat. The slit sides and rounded hem add a different structure to the dress. The shirt is also fitted enough at the top so excessive bagginess is not a factor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.43.16 AMPC: Michaela Tee – Edits: Jeline Abutin

Layers: Live somewhere with colder weather? Add some layers to this tee. For those of you who love to layer, this t-shirt is the perfect base. Since the tee is quite thin, it doesn’t feel bulky under chunky knits. This lets you layer sweaters, cardigans, or jackets without feeling constricted. Plus, the rounded hi-lo hem still peeks through!

Still not ready to spend $50 on Wilfred’s Capucine tee? You can get a similar t-shirt from Nordstrom here for $28.


Jeline Abutin


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