REorganize Your Closet

For those of you who have more clothes than closet space, keeping a tidy and organized space for your new purchases – or even old apparel favorites – can be a dreadful task. Closets are a messy endeavor, especially during those lazy days of just throwing or cramming your clothes in any space that fits. Keeping your closet nice and organized can help maximize the use of your wardrobe. Organizing your closet may not be the number one “to do” on your list, but this overwhelming task can be conquered.

Remove Everything from your closet.

Remove: The toughest obstacle in organizing (or just tidying up) a closet is definitely getting rid of your apparel. It is a hard thing to do when you must part ways with your favorite piece in your wardrobe. If some of your clothes do not fit you anymore, are ripped or damaged in any way, or haven’t seen the outside world in many years, these clothes need to be removed. Take the time to go over each piece and throw away pieces that are damaged. Once you’ve created a pile of clothes that you are willing to let go, you can either donate them to Goodwill or you can even sell your lightly used clothes to local thrift shops, such as Crossroads Trading Co. or Buffalo Exchange.


Sort and organize clothes by style.

Regroup: Now that you have the bulk of sartorial pieces that you are going to keep, it is time to regroup. It may be a tedious task to sort, pile, fold, and hang the clothes in your entire closet, but it will make finding your favorite chunky knit sweater on a hectic school day morning much easier. I find organizing my closet by type and style the easiest and most efficient way for me to access my whole wardrobe. If you are more of a visual person, you can regroup your clothes by color instead of style (it all depends on your taste and personality!).


A clean and organized closet.

Rework the space: Still finding your closet a little cramped? Rework the space! Places like IKEA and Target have bins, multi-level hangers, and extra storage spaces to make a little closet fit all your clothing and future clothing needs. One must-have space-saver is a hanging shelf organizer from your local Target. These extra shelving units can house your favorite cutout boots and even more of your tees and tanks. Just fold or even roll your clothing for maximum storage space. If all else fails, work your way up. Take advantage of the height of your closet by neatly folding and placing your clothes on the top and highest shelves of your closet. Place clothing that you are not wearing for the season at the top of the shelf and rearrange when it is time to move your tank tops and multi-print summer dresses to center stage.



Jeline Abutin